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  • What does Exception and Error mean in Java Projects?
  • What does Checked and Unchecked Exceptions mean with examples and their implementations?
  • Hierarchical diagram of Exception and Error classes
  • try-catch, finally, return with finally, try and finally, try catch and finally - Exception Handling Mechanisms
  • Object, Throwable, Exception, Error, RuntimeException and other exceptions - Exception and Error class hierarchy and Is Throwable the root or parent of all exception and error classes
  • throw and throws keyword for exception propagation and manually stopping the flow of the application
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  • Create your own exception class, use it in code, handle exceptions with if-else selection statement and ternary operators
  • Exception Handling Inheritance Rules - while overriding methods from parent class or parent interface in child classes
  • Handling multiple exceptions using Single Catch Block
  • Using ternary operator, how can we stop NullPointerException from coming in projects?
  • try with resource - Usage and Comparison with basic try-catch block
  • AutoCloseable interface - close method with try with resource - replacement of finally block
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  • assert keyword - Everything
  • How with java ternary operator can we stop NullPointerException from coming in projects?
  • AutoCloseable interface - AutoCloseable interface(close method) with try with resource, AutoCloseable replacement of finally block
  • try with resource - use and comparison with try-catch block
  • Class extends Exception and Exception Handling Rules in Child Classes


Each and every point related to these concepts is covered and explained with real time examples and implementation:
  • instanceof keyword, Casting - Upcasting, Downcasting and object Class Methods
  • Immutable Class/Object, Wrapper Class/Object, String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder and StringTokenizer
  • List, Set and Map Interface - Collections Framework
  • and Java.Nio Package API's
  • Synchronized Method/Block , Static Synchronized Method/Block, Deadlocks, Wait, Notify And NotifyAll
  • Design Patterns(Singleton, Factory And Data Access Object(DAO))
  • Locale, Resource Bundle, Number Format, Currency And Date API And Internationalization
  • JDBC Concepts
  • Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation
  • Interface, Constructors, Arrays, Static Keyword, Static Initializer Block, Final, This, Super and Access Modifiers
  • Regular Expressions,Comparable and Comparator Interface
  • Exception Handling - try, catch, finally, throw, throws, assert, try with resource and AutoCloseable
  • Generics, Generics Method, Generics Class, Wild Card, Unbounded, Upper Bounded and Lower Bounded





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Core Java FAQS

Are there quiz and exercises attached to every module?

Yes. You will get Quiz and Exercises as part of every module to practice and brush up your skills better. In case you are stuck, our technical team will be there to help you for sure. You can mail us at or post your queries on forum and we will help you with your queries asap.

Will I be able to clear Java based interviews after learning from your course?

Yes, If you learn dedicatedly by brushing up all our concepts related to each and every topic like how we have explained as part of our videos, then yes you will able to convince every interviewer that you have worked effectively on Java based Projects. Practice More with same examples like how we have explained as part of videos and you yourself will feel the difference in terms of your core knowledge of every concept.

What if you add more videos for newly added topics or for any existing topic in future?

You will get the access to all new added videos as well.

How long will it take me to learn entire Core Java?

If you dedicatedly sit and learn for max 1 month time, you yourself will feel the difference in terms of your every Java conceptual knowledge.

Will I get access to all the code made during the videos?

Yes, You can download the same code on your own machine and check anytime.

How have you explained each and every Core Java concept as mentioned in the course curriculum?

Our trainer has 15+ years of experience and has worked on many Java based project across multiple domain. He knows how and when different Java based concepts needs to be implemented as part of different Java based projects. The same he has tried to explain as part of videos.with full real time examples considering each and every point associated to the concept.