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18 Aug 09:30 PM - 10:30 PM
WeekDay Course JavaScript
6 weeks - 30 hrs
USD 250 200 Enroll - First 2 classes
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WeekEnd Course JavaScript
4 weeks - 20 hrs
USD 250 200 Enroll - First 2 classes

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JavaScript Course Curriculum

New JavaScript batch starting from 19 Aug 07:00 AM - 08:00 AM
JavaScript is a scripting language of the web. As the web evolves from a static to a dynamic environment, technology focus is shifting from static markup and styling—frequently handled by content management systems or automated scripts—to dynamic interfaces and advanced interaction. Once seen as optional, JavaScript is now becoming an integral part of the web, infusing every layer with its script. Through practical examples and mini-projects, this course helps you build your understanding of JavaScript piece by piece, from core principles like variables, data types, conditionals, and functions through advanced topics including loops, closures, and DOM scripting. Along the way, you will also learn Node.js

JavaScript: Introduction, Basics, var, let, const, Promise, async, await, typeof, Dynamically Typed data types, Arrays, Date, Time, Map, Set, Object.entries,, for..of, forEach, Arrow Function, Constructors and Error handling

Training Video - 1

Duration 49 mins

JavaScript: An Introduction And The Basics
  • What is JavaScript?
  • How does JavaScript relate to Java?
  • Navigating the JavaScript landscape
  • Tools for JavaScript development
  • Introducing the browser console
  • Add inline JavaScript to a HTML document
Training Video - 2

Duration 1 hr 35 mins

var, let, const, Promise, async, await, typeof and Dynamically Typed data types
  • Variables: The catch-all containers of JavaScript - var, let and const keyword
  • Promise API, await keyword, async keyword, then keyword
  • if, if-else and if-else-if, switch-case selection statements - Usages in JavaScript
  • while, do-while, for, for-in
  • Advanced Conditions and Logic, Unary Arithmetic Operator, Triple Equal To
  • Data types in JavaScript - Dynamically Typed, Number, Float, String, BackTicks, $, undefined, null, Infinity, Boolean, TypeOf
Training Video - 3

Duration 1 hr 45 mins

Arrays, Date, Time, Map, Set, Object.entries,, for..of, forEach and Arrow Function
  • Arrays - Declaration, Methods pop/push, shift/unshift ,Internals, Performance, Loops, length function, Multidimensional arrays and toString
  • Date and Time: Creation, Access date components, Setting date components, Autocorrection, Date to number, date diff,, Benchmarking, Date.parse from a string
  • Date.parse, and Other features
  • Map usage in comparison to Objects and Arrays, Map methods usages, Objects Storage as part of Map, Object Value retrieval from Map
  • Map - keys, values, entries methods, for.. of loop to traverse over Maps, forEach loop to traverse over Maps, Object.entries - Create Map from Object and Object.fromEntries: get Object from Map
  • Set: methods, usages, examples, for in and forEach to traverse Set
Training Video - 4

Duration 1 hr 30 mins

Constructors and Error handling in JavaScript
  • The “try…catch” syntax, Error object, Optional “catch” binding, Using “try…catch”
  • Throwing our own errors, Rethrowing try…catch…finally and Global catch
  • window.onerror, return and process.on
  • Constructor function, Constructor mode test:
  • Return from constructors and Methods in constructor

What is DOM, What are Nodes, How to get Nodes, How to Change Nodes and How to create entire DOM content, Events and Event Handlers, onClick, onLoad, onFocus and onBlur Methods, Timers, setTimeout, setInterval and clearInterval Methods, Project: Typing Speed Tester and Project: Create an Analog Cloc

Training Video - 5

Duration 1 hr 10 mins

What is DOM, What are Nodes, How to get Nodes, How to Change Nodes and How to create entire DOM content
  • DOM: Document Object Model - Correct Definition and Usage
  • Element Node, Attribute Node and Text Node - Usage, Retrieval and Manipulation
  • document.getElementById, document.getElementsByTagName, nodeType, innerHTML, childNodes, length functions
  • setAttribute and getAttribute to change any HTML node attributes
  • createElement, createTextNode and appendChild Methods to create DOM content
  • Target elements in the DOM with querySelector methods
Training Video - 6

Duration 1 hr 10 mins

Events and Event Handlers, onClick, onLoad, onFocus and onBlur Methods, Timers, setTimeout, setInterval and clearInterval Methods
  • What are events in JavaScript with examples and what are the different kinds of events that we can handle?
  • Different Event Handling Ways and The Most Recommended Way to Handle Event in JavaScript Code
  • Cross Browser Method Difficulties, J Query Introduction, Methods To Handle Events
  • window object, onClick, onLoad, onFocus and onBlur Methods, Anonymous Function in JavaScript, element.onload, script tag location in HTML
  • Timers, setTimeout, setInterval, clearInterval and setAttribute Methods - Usage- Images Changes on HTML after regular intervals - Method Differences and Usages
Training Video - 7

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

Project: Typing Speed Tester
  • Rundown of HTML markup
  • Use event listeners to detect typing
  • Build a count-up timer
  • Build a helper function for leading zeros
  • Detect spelling errors by matching strings
  • Stop the timer when the test is done
Training Video - 8

Duration 1 hr 15 mins

Project: Create an Analog Clock, Creation of TextBoxes and Buttons via JavaScript, Creation of CountDown Timer via JavaScript, WebSites Resizing According to Displaying Device
  • Create a analog clock
  • Use CSS to move clock hands
  • Use JavaScript to move clock hands and apply logic
  • Get the current hour, minute, and second with the Date() object
  • Show the current time using JavaScript code
  • Make the clock move forward second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour

JQuery, AJAX, Build Smarter Forms, UI Enhancements Techniques and Regular Expressions

Training Video - 9

Duration 1 hr 10 mins

Build Smarter Forms, UI Enhancements Techniques and Regular Expressions
  • Enhance Forms with JavaScript, Prevent and Submit and Hide and Show
  • Applying Classes and Inline Styles
  • Regular Expressions in JavaScript
  • Pattern Matching
  • Characters like ^, $, +, *, ?, | and . in Regular Expression pattern matching
  • Expressions like \w, \b and [...] mean in Regular Expression pattern matching
Training Video - 10

Duration 35 mins

  • What is jQuery?
  • Using selectors and filters to extract information
  • Creating, inserting, and animating page content
  • Handling events
  • Understanding jQuery statement chaining
  • Working with CSS
Training Video - 11

Duration 55 mins

  • What is AJAX?
  • Making requests asynchronous
  • Updating the DOM with getElementById
  • Reading JSON files
  • Working with jQuery and AJAX
  • Sending and searching JSON data


Training Video - 12

Duration 32 mins

Introduction to Node.js and Understanding npm: Node Package Manager
  • Understanding Node
  • Download and install Node
  • Why is JavaScript Node's language?
  • Benefits and features of Javascript
  • Asynchronous tasks and callbacks
  • Write your own module
Training Video - 13

Duration 35 mins

Reading and Writing Files and Exploring Web Frameworks
  • Read from Files
  • Access Directories
  • Write to a file
  • Node.js Frameworks
  • Express
Training Video - 14

Duration 31 mins

Building Your Demo App Chat Client for the Browser
  • Static serving with Express
  • Create your browser app
  • Create a get messages service
  • Create a post messages service
  • Connect to from the browser app
  • Create your event
Training Video - 15

Duration 34 mins

Exploring Databases and Improving Asynchronous Code
  • Types of data frameworks
  • Set up MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Saving data to MongoDB with Mongoose
  • Nested callbacks
  • Promises
Training Video - 16

Duration 30 mins

Error Handling and Debugging and Testing
  • Try/catch
  • Finally
  • Editor debugging
  • Simple test with Jasmine
  • Async test with Jasmine
  • Introduction to test first development

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