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JavaScript, Node.js, React.js and Angular.js FAQS

How do you teach JavaScript and Node.js concepts?

We teach all JS concepts with real time examples as part of JS Editor and we cover all points related to the concept.

DOM, Event Handling, jQuery, AJAX and all Node.js concepts are explained on web application.

We are also adding React.js and Angular.js to this course.

Do I get access to all the code made during the videos?

Yes. We will give you all the code which we have made during the videos.

There is a download code option which you will see once you get login credentials on our website. From there you can download all the code.

Does the content keep getting updated as and when new concepts come?

Yes. We keep updating our content as and when new topic comes in language.

Do you conduct both weekday as well as weekend batch for this training?