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03 Apr 10:45 PM - 11:45 PM
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Spring Boot Course Curriculum

New Spring Boot Training batch starting from 03 Apr 10:45 PM - 11:45 PM
Spring is an application framework and inversion-of-control (IOC) container for the Java platform. The framework's core features can be used by any Java application and are ideal for enterprise and internet-based app development. Get a comprehensive in-depth knowledge of every Spring Framework related Concept.

Learn how to get started with Spring Boot, a powerful framework to build web applications quickly, using less code. The Java-based programs you build in Spring Boot "just run": they resolve their own dependencies and create containers for running code in any environment.

Introduction to Restful Web Services Implementation in Spring MVC/Boot

Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring JPA and Spring Rest - @Controller, @GetMapping, @PostMapping, @ControllerAdvice, @ExceptionHandler, @Bean, @ComponentScan, @SessionAttributes, @RequestAttribute, @RestController, @RequestBody, @ResponseBody, @ResponseEntity, Model, ModelMap and ModelAndView

Training Video - 1

Duration 1 hr 30 mins

Getting Started and Project Startup
  • Why use Spring MVC and Features of Spring MVC
  • Spring MVC architecture and Create Maven Spring MVC project
  • Add folders and static files and Java configuration for Spring MVC
  • Add controllers and test the application and Generate Spring MVC project with Spring Boot
  • Add static files and view resolver and Add controllers and test the application
Training Video - 2

Duration 1 hr 45 mins

Implementing Controller Flows
  • Annotations for controllers - Create controller with @RequestMapping
  • @RequestParam in Controller - Add database transaction code
  • Access data using Model and @ModelAttribute and Add JSP pages
  • @ModelAttribute: Access model attributes on JSP and @ModelAttribute and add Spring form tag library
  • Use all these together : @ModelAttribute, Model, ModelAndView, @Query, @Param, @GetMapping, @PostMapping, @Controller, @Repository, BindingResult Annotations and APIs
  • Test the Application/Run the Spring Boot Project
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Training Video - 3

Duration 1 hour 40 mins

Data Validation and Binding
  • Validate data in model objects and add validations to user bean using @Valid, @Entity, @Id, @Size, @Pattern, @NotNull, @NotEmpty and @Initbinder
  • Add Spring tags form errors in JSP, Localize error messages through properties file
  • Use Binders and Converters In Project using @Initbinder and add Custom Editors and show conversion of objects and messages
  • Apply checks like 'username.cannot.be.less.than.six.characters', 'Password must have one upper case and should be between 6 and 10 characters' etc.
  • Apply checks like 'Activity cannot be left empty and First name cannot be empty' etc.
  • Test the Application/Run the Spring Boot Project
Training Video - 4

Duration 1 hr 40 mins

Exception Handling
  • DispatcherServlet and special bean types
  • Exception flow handler implementations Custom error page and Login controller
  • Add method for selecting a user and Add exception handler in Controller
  • Global exception handler for application and Default model attributes using @ControllerAdvice
  • @ResponseStatus, ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver, SimpleMappingExceptionResolver, DefaultHandlerExceptionResolver, ResponseStatusExceptionResolver and @ExceptionHandler
  • Implementation and Test the Application
Training Video - 5

Duration 1 hr 10 mins

Multi Threading Programming
  • Conventional HTTP request processing - Spring MVC Async processing under the hood(How it is done)?
  • How Multiple threads actually work as part of Spring MVC
  • Async Programming Configurations - setup
  • Return callable in Controllers and DeferredResult implementation for async
  • Implementation and Test the Application
Training Video - 6

Duration 50 mins

View Resolvers
  • What are view resolvers?
  • Using XmlViewResolver
  • Using ResourceBundleViewResolver
  • Chaining view resolvers
  • Chaining view resolvers demo
Training Video - 7

Duration 1 hour 45 mins

Interceptors and Themes - localization and Internationalization(l10n and i18n)
  • Introduction to interceptors - Built-in and custom interceptors
  • Add interceptor classes and Register interceptors in Spring MVC Configuration
  • Request and session attributes - Save and get SessionAttributes Demo
  • Test session flow and implement forwarding in Spring MVC
  • End HttpSession and Redirecting outside an application
  • Introduction to themes - Define themes, theme resolver and Define ThemeChangeInterceptor
Training Video - 8

Duration 1 hr 35 mins

RESTful Services
  • RESTful Services Recap
  • Use of @Controller and @ResponseBody Annotations
  • Use @RequestController and @ResponseEntity and Use @PathVariable and @RequestParam to get request payload
  • Use @RequestBody and @ResponseEntity and Use @ExceptionHandler
  • Testing the @ExceptionHandler with the @ResponseEntity and MVC vs. REST controllers

Servlets, JSPs and Log4j

Training Video - 9

Duration 1 hr 10 mins

Advanced Basics
  • Configure Tomcat Server in Eclipse/STS and Links to IntelliJ IDE
  • What is url-Pattern and what is servlet mapping and how to configure it?
  • What is web.xml and how to configure it?
  • Maven tool/ Project Object Model xml file/ groupId/ artifactId/ version/ scope
  • compile, provided, runtime, test, system and import scopes
  • Differences between library and framework and Differences between Web Server and Application server
Training Video - 10

Duration 1 hr 30 mins

Servlet, RequestDispatcher and Session Management
  • What is Servlet and create Servlet using @WebServlet annotation and with web.xml?
  • What is RequestDispatcher API(forward and redirect methods) and how to use it?
  • ServletContext,context-param and init-param
  • Cookie and HttpSession for session management - How to do it
  • servlet, jsp and jstl entry in pom
Training Video - 11

Duration 1 hr 45 mins

JSP - 9 Implicit Objects, 4 Bean Scopes, JSTL(JSP Standard Tag Library) and Custom Tags
  • JSP - Features, Difference between Servlet and JSP and Advantages of using JSP over Servlet
  • JSP Scripting Elements(Scriplets, Expression and Declaration)
  • 9 JSP implicit objects(request, response, out, session, application, config, pageContext, page and exception)
  • 4 JSP Scopes(page, request, session and application scopes)
  • JSTL Tags - Core tags, Function tags, Formatting tags, XML tags and SQL tags
  • Custom Tags in JSTL and TLD File
Training Video - 12

Duration 50 mins

  • Apache Log4j - Configure logs using BasicConfigurator API and PropertyConfigurator API
  • Configure layout class, conversion pattern, appenders, root Logger via properties file and XML file
  • Read the properties file/XMl file and create logs at all levels(DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL) on both console and in log file

Spring Security, LDAP Authorization, Leveraging OAuth 2 with Spring Security, WebFlux Security, Spring AOP and Spring Micro Services

Training Video - 13

Duration 1 hr 35 mins

Spring Security Concepts and Implementing basic authentication
  • Introduction to Spring Security
  • Authentication vs. authorization and Spring Security projects
  • In-memory authentication and JDBC authentication
  • Leveraging bcrypt for hashing and Authorization and Form-based authentication
  • The login page and The logout page
Training Video - 14

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

LDAP Authorization and Leveraging OAuth 2 with Spring Security
  • LDAP for authentication and Configuring a sample LDAP server
  • Implementing LDAP for authentication and Spring LDAP outside of authentication
  • AD vs. LDAP for authentication
  • OAuth 2 and Spring and OAuth 2
  • Creating an OAuth authorization service and Creating an OAuth resource service
  • Client-side implementations of OAuth 2 and OAuth 2 with third parties
Training Video - 15

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

Transaction Management
  • @Transactional Annotation
  • spring-tx jar to setup Transactions as part of projects
  • DataSourceTransactionManager API to set up transactions and transaction-manager attribute
  • How to provide DriverManagerDataSource(dataSource) to DataSourceTransactionManager to post transactions in database
  • CRUD operations as part of database
  • Entire end to end Project Execution
Training Video - 16

Duration 1 hr 40 mins

Aspect Oriented Programming
  • AOP Overview, Definition and Explanation
  • @Aspect, @After, @AfterThrowing, @AfterReturning, @Before and @Around Annotation
  • ProceedingJoinPoint API, JoinPoint and @Pointcut Annotation
  • aop:aspectj-autoproxy, aop:config, aop:pointcut, aop:aspect and pointcut-ref attributes
  • aspectjrt, aspectjtools, aspectjweaver artifact ids and their stable version
  • Project Execution
Training Video - 17

Duration 1 hr 15 mins

Spring Security with JSON Web Tokens(JWT)
  • Users and roles
  • Spring Security authentication
  • Password encryption
  • Understanding JWT
  • Configuring Spring Security for JWT for authorization
  • Securing APIs
Training Video - 18

Duration 1 hour 25 mins

Create a Spring Boot MicroService and Leverage Spring Data JPA Repository Interfaces
  • Introduction to Spring Initialzr, Project setup and Build, deploy, and launch the microservices
  • The domain model
  • Declare Spring Data JPA repository interfaces and Spring Data JPA repository dependency injection
  • Invoke the Spring Data JPA repositories and Introduction to Spring Data query methods
Training Video - 19

Duration 2 hr 10 mins

Expose Restful APIs with Spring Data Rest, Expose Restful APIs with Spring MVC and Spring Data 2
  • What is a hypermedia-driven RESTful API?
  • Creating APIs with Spring Data REST and Explore the search resource
  • Paging and sorting and Control API exposure
  • Choose the right framework, Declare a new RestController
  • Create RestController HTTP POST method, Create RestController HTTP GET methods and Create RestController HTTP PUT, PATCH, and DELETE methods
  • Paging and sorting DTOs

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