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Deepak Posted on 26/12/2019

Hi Sir,

This question is not releated to core java but out of curiosity wanted to know 

1) Does Rest API's support HTTPS protocols

If no-how to make this secured, as i came to know rest only supports http and they include some certificates on webserver...can you please eloborate it.




Yogesh Chawla Replied on 06/01/2020

Hi Deepak,

No Rest Supports Both.

Why? Because SOAP is a protocol, and REST is an architectural style. A REST API can actually utilize the SOAP protocol, just like it can use HTTP or HTTPS. 


Just an FYI

REST (Representational State Transfer) is truly a “web services” API. REST APIs are based on URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) and the HTTP/HTTPS protocol, and use JSON for a data format, which is browser-compatible. (It could also theoretically use the SOAP protocol, as mentioned above.) REST APIs can be simple to build and scale, but they can also be massive and complicated—it’s all in how they’re built, added on to, and what they’re designed to do.

Reasons you may want to build an API to be RESTful include resource limitations, fewer security requirements, browser client compatibility, discoverability, data health, and scalability—things that really apply to web services.


Some quick REST information:


REST is all about simplicity, thanks to HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

REST APIs facilitate client-server communications and architectures. If it’s RESTful, it’s built on this client-server principle, with round trips between the two passing payloads of information.

REST APIs use a single uniform interface. This simplifies how applications interact with the API by requiring they all interface in the same way, through the same portal. This has advantages and disadvantages; 

REST is optimized for the web. Using JSON as its data format makes it compatible with browsers.

REST is known for excellent performance and scalability. But, like any technology, it can get decrease or increase the performance of your website.