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Abdulmajeed Alroumi Posted on 15/04/2020

Hello guys, 

I am looking to learn how to create service to service integration via spring boot. Which module or video explains that concept in the site ? 

Thank you

Yogesh Chawla Replied on 15/04/2020

Hi Abdul,

@Service annotation is used on top of those classes where business related code is written and this is explained and implemented as part of modules 1 to 8. @Service annotation can also be replaced with @Controller annotation which is recognized by Spring container itself.

Now we have created multiple controllers as part of our project and they all communicate with each other. Similarly @Service classes can also talk to one another or can sent/recieve data via JSPs. This is all explained as part of Module 1 to 8 only.


Abdulmajeed Alroumi Replied on 16/04/2020

Does it explain as in the image below: 

Responsive image

Abdulmajeed Alroumi Replied on 16/04/2020

And the method of contract?