Regarding Apache Tomcat Plugin | Spring Boot and MicroServices Forum
Sathish Posted on 11/08/2020

I could not able to run the Apache Tomcat Plugin as part of Spring Project Deployment. Can you please suggest?

Yogesh Chawla Replied on 12/08/2020

To make the below dependency work for auto deployment of your project on server, You need Apache Tomcat


You can download Apache Download from below mentioned link and just keep with you in your local. The Intellij IDEA will automatically find the same and configures
for your project in your local:

Go to Core and download the version according to the bit size of your OS.


Yogesh Chawla Replied on 12/08/2020

Similarly don't forget to download mysql also using the below link:

Remember the user name, password, url and the port that you set during the configuration of your mysql workbench. We need to mention the same in file of your project.

Please set your database and tables as mentioned in the code also before you run the Spring Boot Project.